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Stevie Ray Vaughan 'SRV-Day by Day Night after Night

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Stevie Ray Vaughan 'SRV-Day by Day Night after Night

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These 432 pages (253,000 words and almost 1000 illustrations) trace the life and legendary musical career of one of the greatest electric guitarists of all time. I approached the creation of this book with the attitude that if I could possess only one book about Stevie, this is it. With that attitude you can be sure that I believe this book is worth the money I have invested making it available to you, and every year I have spent doing research. On the production of this book alone I have spent up to twelve hours a day for the past fifteen months, traveling literally from coast to coast. The book explores where this musical genius came from, how he became successful, what he experienced along the way, the recollections of those who were closest to Stevie, his dramatic recovery from near-fatal addictions, stories from the band's life on the road and in the studio -- illustrated in a way that has never been done before and likely never will be again. I have selected almost one thousand of the most historic and artistic photos from among thousands of images -- from family photo albums and candid shots on the road to those taken by the most respected professional photographers.
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