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THOMASTIK JS111 JAZZ SWING 011-015-019-025-035-047<br />
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Thomastik-Infeld Jazz Swing JS111

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Jazz is a tradition. It takes years to master jazz techniques. The Jazz musician's fine ear senses the slightest variations in tone quality and a full mellow sound is the ultimate of perfection in traditional jazz. Jazz masters are every bit as demanding as classical artists. The Jazz Swing Series is a professional flatwound pure nickel string, handmade by highly qualified specialists loyal to the traditions of legendary instrument-makers and performers.
Korte omschrijving THOMASTIK JS111 JAZZ SWING 011-015-019-025-035-047

Windings Flatwound
Tension Normal
Gauge Medium
Materiaal Pure Nickel
Instrument Electrische Gitaar
Garantie 12 maanden
Prijs € 15,90